Prime Impax 6450

Is our formulated High Impact Polystyrene. It provides good toughness, stiffness and impact strength. It is designed to meet a wide variety of product applications. Prime Impax 6450 is one of the most versatile and inexpensive materials we supply. It is our standard thermoforming grade of High Impact Polystyrene.


Prime Impax 6450 is FDA approved. Some applications include signs,credit cards, medical packaging, building products, displays, furniture and computer products. With a GP styrene cap it is also ideal for wall surrounds, bathtubs and other interior applications such as cabinet drawer silverware holders.


Since it is an amorphous thermoplastic material it is relatively easy to process in extrusion and thermoforming. The mold shrink is .003 - .006 in./in. It can be formed on aluminum, ceramic, fiberglass, epoxy and even wood tools.


Prime Impax 6450 can be fabricated by drilling, routing, sawing, die cut and/or laser cutting. Mechanical fasteners may be used as well as chemical bonding and sonic welding. We provide Prime Impax 6450 in sheet or roll stock and are capable of holding extremely tight tolerances by either square cutting or slitting.

Please contact your Laird Plastics representative for more information on finishing, fabricating, or the thermoforming process.

Colors, Textures, and Capabilities

Prime Impax 6450 can be color matched to meet your specific requirements. It is offered in thicknesses of .010 - .400 and widths of up to 120”. Textures available include: smooth, matte, Seville, RM, HC, Calf Grain, Levant, FL/HC and even flocked. Silicone coating, anti-stat, UVI and protective masking are also available.