Prime COR-X PE

This product is HDPE that is extruded into a corrugated configuration that provides relatively good stiffness. The surface can be corona treated so that it will accept inks for silk screening and other types of printing.


Prime Cor-X PE is tougher than cardboard, can be reused, has proven durability and is moisture and chemical resistant. Ideal for applications such as:

  • Mail totes
  • All types of boxes and automotive dunnage
  • Silk screen signage


Prime Cor-X PE can be fabricated by drilling, routing, sawing, die cut and/or laser cutting. Mechanical fasteners or sonic welding work well for joining this product together.


Prime LDPE 049 can be die cut, punched, sheared and cut with a hot knife. Bonding is typically achieved by sonic welding.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Prime Cor-X PE comes in a variety of industry standard colors and may also be custom color matched to meet your specific requirements.Smooth is the only texture available. Cor-X PE is offered in 2 mm to 12 mm and widths of up to 104". We also offer this product in rolls.

Prime Cor-X PE Very High High Average
Impact Strength     *
Low Temperature Impact Strength  *    
Tensile Strength    *
Flexural Modulus    *  
Heat Deflection Temperature     *
Property Test Method Value Unit
Specific Gravity D-1505 .949  
Melt Flow D-1238 .30 g/10min
Tensile @ Yield
D-639 3,600 psi
Ultimate Elongation D-638 >600 psi
Flexurual Modulus
D-790 170,000 psi
Brittleness Temperature
D-790 <-180 °F