Performance Guide IMAGin® JT5929BFDMQ


JT5929BFDMQ is a 2.7-mil gloss white, polymeric stabilized, soft calendered PVC film designed for solvent based, ink jet printing. The product is coated on one side with a quick building, permanent, opaque, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with air egress technology and supplied with an 80# polycoated liner. JT5929BFDMQ is designed for long-term outdoor advertising and promotion applications on flat or simple curved surfaces. Use of the correct overlaminate will extend the life of the graphic.

Physical Properties Typical Values* Test Method
Peel Adhesion, lb. /in. (N/25mm)
180° on SS - 15min
- 30 min.
- 24 hr.

2.5 (11)
3.0 (13)
3.5 (15.3)
FTM - 1
Quick Tack on SS, lb. /in² (N/25mm) 2.0 (8.75) FTM - 9
Dimensional Stability, (%)
48 hours @ 158°F

max 0.5
FTM - 14
10” x 10” Sample
bonded to aluminum.
Temperature Ranges,
Minimum Application:
End Use:

50°F (+10°C)
-58° to 194°F (-50° to 90°C)
Salt Water Spray
100 hours @ 5% solution:

no change
ASTM B 117-03
Water Immersion
100 hours immersed @ RT

no change


Wide format, eco-solvent, solvent-based and UV-cured inkjet printing To achieve the best possible print quality, please make sure that the correct ICC profiles or printer settings are used. Profiles can be obtained from our Distributors or can be downloaded from . Printer and heater settings and ICC profiles can also be downloaded from some O.E.M. or software manufacturer’s websites.


The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 7 years. Overlamination of the inkjet-printed material with Permacolor® overlaminates delays color fading that may occur over time. This color fading is mainly dependent upon the inks quality (see technical data sheets given by the ink manufacturers) and pressure sensitive
media being used.

MACtac requires the registration of a completed and signed Inspection Report for each vehicle wrap in the unlikely event of a future claim. This report identifies any potential problem areas and clearly defines the obligations between the applicator and the vehicle owner. A completed copy of the inspection report and the appropriate vehicle template must be on file at MACtac prior to application. The inspection report is attached at the end of the Application Guide TA2501 and the B-Free Vehicle Warranty MAC2588 which are available on the MACtac website at . Registration acknowledges that your company has received the Application Guide and a copy of this warranty and agrees to all the requirements and limitations outlined in these documents.


JT5929BFDMQ, when laminated, is cleanly removable for up to five years after application with high heat. “Removability” means that when removing the emblem, the pressure sensitive film will leave less than 20% of the adhesive on the substrate. Some substrates are affected by the application of the JT5929BFDMQ such as; acrylic glass, polycarbonate, polystyrene, nitro-cellulose paints and plasticized PVC’s. Besides damaging the substrate, subsequent removal could be difficult.


Always test your combination of JT5000 products, inks and laminating films prior to commercial use.

  1. Printing Conditions: Print in conditioned pressroom at ±73°F (23°C) and 50% RH.
  2. Drying Step: It is critical the JT5929BFDMQ print is properly dried prior to laminating or application. While this is important in all solvent inkjet prints it’s especially so with JT5929BFDMQ. We strongly recommend leaving the print open to the air (not rolled up in a tube) for a minimum of 24 hours prior to lamination or application. Residual solvents in the vinyl and adhesive will negatively affect the bubble free properties of the adhesive and can result in a significant build or loss in adhesion resulting in potential substrate or graphic failure and/or more residual adhesive being left behind upon removal. Additional hot air drying or IR drying will speed up the drying process and shorten the overall drying time.
  3. Laminating Conditions: Ensure print is perfectly dry. Material must have 24 - 48 hr. drying time open to the air, not rolled up in a tube, prior to lamination or transportation. If the printed graphic is likely to be exposed to corrosive liquids, smoke, fumes, and highly polluted areas or there is a likelihood of scratching, it is highly recommended to laminate with Permacolor LF3600 series (High Performance) overlaminating films. Please be aware that adding an overlaminate will significantly reduce conformability to complex surfaces.Not recommended surfaces includes, but is not limited to; rubber and plastic, aged paint (chalking) and
    metals (corrosion or oxidation), improperly cured paint, surfaces with poor paint-to-surface adhesion, over existing graphics that must remain upon removal, oily surfaces, unpainted wood, etc.
  4. Transportation Conditions: To allow for easy transportation, IMAGin JT5000 series can be rolled up, with the image out, with a minimum diameter of 6 inches (15cm). When the image is not protected by an overlaminate, make sure the print is completely dry and protected in a plastic bag. During transportation or
    storage, avoid exposing them to extreme temperature and humidity changes.
  5. Removing JT5929BFDMQ: Heat the vinyl to approx. 160° - 180°F using a heat gun or propane torch (be careful not to burn the vinyl or the substrate). Pull off the BFD in small pieces. Listen to the sound of the vinyl as it’s pulled off. The noise level will increase as the vinyl and adhesive cools. At a certain level (experience is the best teacher) you will know when it is time to re-heat. This will help you prevent paint failure as you pull the graphic off. Any adhesive residue can be removed using a towel soaked in alcohol or other commercially available adhesive remover. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions and use personal protective gear.


2 year from D.O.M. when stored at 60/77°F (15/25°C) and 50% relative humidity in the original package.

* Values given are typical and are not necessarily for use in specification.