MACtac's Innovative MACtabs!

Get to know MACtac's industrial strength bonding adhesives, MACtabs. This pressure sensitive bonding adhesive is now available in a convenient new form.

MACtab on metal.
MACtab on metal.

MACtab on metal to acrylic.
MACtab on metal to acrylic.

MACtabs are perfect for any instance where you need to bond two surfaces quickly and permanently. Adhesion occurs immediately—zero set-up time required. MACtabs are easy to use, just "peel, press and stick." No more drips, spills, stringy mess or ooze associated with other adhesive products. MACtabs provide a smooth, thin, consistent strip of adhesive that can be trimmed to size.

Features and benefits of MACtabs include:

  • Available in 1"x3" tabs, 250 tabs per "Contractor Pack."
  • Ideal for low surface energy substrates including LDPP and LDPE.
  • Bonds uneven, irregular and dissimilar surfaces—providing a uniform bond.
  • Can be used in temperatures ranging from 0° to 180° F (-18° to 82° C).
  • Rubber based adhesive is moisture and detergent resistant.
  • Non-toxic, no VOC's.
  • Provides sound and vibration dampening.
  • Expands design possibilities: from corrugated POP displays to replacing countersunk screws in plastic runners, reducing overall material costs.

Please contact your local Laird Plastics representative to place your orders for MACtabs.