Delrin (Acetal Homopolymer), Delrin Sheet, Delrin Rods

DELRIN® is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics.

DELRIN (Acetal Homopolymer)

DELRIN® is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. DELRIN® possesses high tensile strength, creep resistance and toughness. It also exhibits low moisture absorption. It is chemically resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents and neutral chemicals. These properties along with its fatigue endurance make DELRIN® ideal for many industrial applications.

  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
    DELRIN® can operate in wet environments with little effect on performance or dimensions.
  • Excellent machinability
  • High fatigue endurance
  • High strength and stiffness properties
  • Superior impact and creep resistance
  • Chemical resistance to fuels and solvents
  • Natural grade is FDA, NSF and USDA compliant
  • Good wear and abrasion properties
    With its low coefficient of friction and hard and resilient surface, DELRIN® is the material of choice in many wear applications.

DELRIN®s overall combination of physical, tribological and environmental properties make it ideal for many industrial wear and mechanical applications. Parts exposed to a moist or wet environment, such as pump and valve components, are especially appropriate. Other common uses for DELRIN® include gears, bearings, bushings, rollers, fittings and electrical insulator parts.

Typical Property Values

Test Method
Units Delrin® 150
Density D792 lbs/in3 0.0513
Specific Gravity D792 g/cc 1.42
Water Absorption
    @24 hours, 73°F D570 % 0.25
    @Saturation, 73°F D570 % 0.9
Tensile Strength @ Yield, 73°F D638 psi 9,000
Tensile Modulus D639 psi 350,000
Elongation @ Break, 73°F D638 % 25
Flexural Strength, 73°F D790 psi 11,500
Flexural Modulus, 73°F D790 psi 420,000
Compressive Strength D695 psi 5,200
Izod Impact Strength, 73°F D256 ft-lbs/in 1.5
Rockwell Hardness, 73°F D785 M (R) Scale M 94 (120)
Shore Hardness - D Scale -
Wear Factor Against Steel, 40 psi, 50 fpm D3702 Tecamid 55 x 10-10
Static Coefficient of Friction D3702 - -
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction, 40 psi, 50 fpm D3702 - 0.2
Heat Deflection Temperature
    @ 66 psi D648 °F 336
    @264 psi D648 °F 257
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696 in/in/°F 6.8 x 10-5
Maximum Servicing Temperature
    Intermittent - °F 300
    Long Term UL746B °F 185
Specific Heat - BTU/lb-°F 0.35
Thermal Conductivity - - -
Vicat Softening Point - °F -
Melting Point D2133 °F 347
Flammability UL94   HB (1.47)
Surface Resistivity D257 ohm/square -
Volume Resistivity D257 ohm-cm 1015
Dielectric Strength D149 V/mil 500
Dielectric Constant
@ 60 Hz, 73°F, 50% RH D150 - 3.7
@ 1 MHz D150 - 3.7
@ 20 GHz D150 - -
@ 30 GHz D150 - -
Dissipation Factor, @ 60 HZ, 73°F D150 - 0.005

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Diameters: Up to 4 3/4”, 10’ length
Length: 5” and greater diameter, 5’ length


1/4” to 2” thickness inclusive are 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’
2-1/4” to 4” thickness inclusive are 2’ x 4’

Primary Specification (Resin) (Typical)

ASTM-D-4181 POM110B34330

Shapes Specification (Typical)

ASTM-D-6100 S-POM0111