VIVAK® Cleaning Instructions

Techniques for cleaning VIVAK sheet based on standard industry practice.

The following techniques for cleaning VIVAK sheet are based on standard industry practice.

To ensure acceptability of the results, always test a sample of the material with the cleaner and technique to be used.


Do use clean soft cloths or sponges for application of cleaners and again for washing and rinsing.
Do follow up the application with warm water rinse.
Don’t use abrasives or high alkaline cleaners.
Don’t leave cleaners on VIVAK sheet for long periods, wash immediately.
Don’t apply cleaners in direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures.
Don’t use scrapers, squeegees or razors.
Don’t clean with gasoline.

Compatible Cleaners and Detergents

Formula 4091 Top Job2, Joy2, Palmolive3, Windex with Ammonia D4

To Minimize Fine or Hairline Scratches

Mild automotive polish applied and removed with a soft, clean cloth will help fill scratches.

Suggested Polishes:
Johnson Paste Wax
Mirror Glaze #10 Plastic Polish (by Mirror Bright Polish Co., Pasadena CA)
Novus Plastics Polish #1, #2 (by Novus, Inc., Minneapolis MN)

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