Vivak® Thermoplastic Sheets

Easy to fabricate, form, bond and decorate, VIVAK Sheet is well suited for a variety of point of purchase and sign applications.

VIVAK Sheet is a transparent thermoplastic sheet.

In the point of purchase industry, VIVAK Sheet is the brand and market leader for all clear plastics. Among its advantages, VIVAK Sheet offers superior impact strength over acrylic and cost effectiveness compared to polycarbonate. VIVAK Sheet offers deep draws, complex die-cuts and precise molded-in details without sacrificing structural integrity. It die-cuts and punches easily and can be bonded or fastened with adhesives, ultrasonic welding or rivets. In addition, VIVAK Sheet is easily decorated by painting, silk screening, or hot stamping. Easy to fabricate, form, bond and decorate, VIVAK Sheet is well suited for a variety of point of purchase and sign applications.


Typical applications include video tape shelves, greeting card displays, revolving merchandise racks, indoor signs, point of purchase displays, menu displays, photo frames, and slat wall inventory displays.

Typical Physical Properties

Property VIVAK® Sheet Units Test Method
Specific Gravity 1.27 - ASTM D-792
Water Absorption after 24 hrs. 0.2 % ASTM D-570
Tensile Strength, Ultimate .125˝ 7,700 psi ASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus .125˝ 320,000 psi ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength .125˝ 11,200 psi ASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus .125˝ 310,000 psi ASTM D-790
Izod Impact Notched .125˝ at 73˝ 1.7 Ft-lb/in ASTM D-256
Izod Impact Notched .125˝ at 32˝ 1.2 Ft-lb/in ASTM D-256
Drop Dart Impact .250˝ at 73˝ 83 Ft-lbs ASTM D-3763
Rockwell Hardness 115 R Scale ASTM D-785
Shear Strength 9,000 psi ASTM D-732
Compressive Strength 8,000 psi ASTM D-895
Heat Deflection Temperature, @ 264 psi 157 °F ASTM D-648
Heat Deflection Temperature, @ 66 psi 164 °F ASTM D-648
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 3.8 n/in/°Fx10-5 ASTM D-696
Flammability ≥.080˝ HB - UL 94
Glass Transition Temperature 178 °F -
Forming Temperature 280-320 °F -
Light Transmission 86 % ASTM D-1003
Refractive Index 1.57 - ASTM D-542
Haze 1.0 % ASTM D-1003
Dielectric Constant, 1 kHz 2.6 - ASTM D-150
Dielectric, 1 mHz 2.4 - ASTM D-150
Dielectric Strength 410 v/mil ASTM D-149

Recycle Code 2 Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Modified

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Performance Comparison

Compare VIVAK Sheet’s performance for interior fabricated and formed applications. It delivers an optimum balance of performance and economy.

Impact Strength Falling Dart @ 73˝ ASTM D-5420 @ .125˝ Acrylic Polycarbonate VIVAK Sheet
10 in/lbs. Failed No break No break
100 in/lbs. Failed No break No break
300 in/lbs. Failed No break No break
Heat Resistance @ 264 psi 190°F 270°F 157°F
@ 66 psi 280°F 164°F
Gamma Stability Poor Fair Excellent
Chemical Resistance Poor Fair Good